Chip Conveyors


Many cutting machines generate long bushy chips.

To tackle such type of chips a cleat type chip conveyer is developed. This conveyer is formed of a row fo hinges with minimum possible clearance for the coveyer movement. These hinged cleats are fabricated of strong steel construction. The edges of the conveyer are skirted to prevent lateral chip movement. If the cutting process uses coolant, the belt is perforated for coolant drain.

The belt is housed in a casing frame, guided to pick the chips under the machine and deliver at elevated height in a bin. To assist the chip movement with the blet, additional strips are welded to the belt.

Drive includes a slip-clutch, with automatic electrical cut-off, n case the conveyer jams.

The chip conveyer effectively handles long bush chips of steel. Depending on the speed of the conveyer and the blet width, the capacity of chip handling can vary from 1 Lits of chips per minute to 50 Lits of chips per minute. (Since the chips occupy more volume than the metal, the performance is declared as above.)
The conveyer effectively handles the bushy chips, which otherwise is difficult.
The coolant film tends to stick the chips to belt surface. Some effort is needed to remove the chips above the bin
Chip conveyer jams on a combination chips.