How to vacuum a pool with a sand filter

Swimming pool sand filters are one of the ways to have your pool crystal clear and clean. This kind of product uses sand as an effective way to accumulate and remove debris from a body of water. Sand is included in a container or tank, water is pumped to the very best of the tank, and in the internal provider. This enables the pool water to “flow down” and flow through the device. As the water flows through, soil and debris are collected and taken out of the water. The debris is held behind as well as the clean water is returned to the pool.

Aspects of this filter?

  1. Multi Port Valve OR Control Valve

Exactly what are a number of the functions found on a regular Multi Port Valve?

o FILTER – For standard filtering and vacuuming.

o BACKWASH – For cleaning the filter bed of collected debris.

o RINSE – Use after finishing the backwash cycle to make certain all filthy water is rinsed from your tank to waste.

o WASTE – By-passes the tank for emptying or lowering the pool water level as well as for vacuuming hefty debris right to the waste line.

o RECIRCULATE – Water is recirculated via the valve bypassing the filter.

o SHUT – Shuts off the flow from your pump to the filter

Internal Parts

Tank Or Container – Main body of the unit.

Top Diffuser – Enables the pool water to go into the tank and spread the water within the tank.

Media – Gets the soil and debris in the pool water as it flows through.

Laterals – Found beneath the media, enables the pool water to leave the tank and flow back to the pool.

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